Color Solar Curtain Wall
Color Solar Curtain Wall

Renewable energy is one of the technologies that human beings are putting in the most efforts to develop nowadays. Against the backdrop of sub-tropical climate in Taiwan, we use our technique to integrate solar photovoltaic glass with curtain wall and transform a curtain wall building from an energy-consumption construction into an energy-saving or even an electricity generating powerhouse, making a clean, sustainable environment possible.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) is an application using solar photovoltaic materials to substitute traditional ones. It is often applied to roof, façade and glazing. BIPV is a cladding material itself and thus has the merit of saving costs by not using other overlapping cladding materials.


5 Major Features
1. Electricity Generation(Energy-saving)
2. Insulation(Temperature-reducing)
3. Illumination(Light-enhancing)
4. Decoration(Color-dazzling)
5. BIPV(Building Integrated Photovoltaics)(Cost-saving)

Color Solar Curtain Wall(BIPV)
Multiple Safety Protections .4 mm Tempered Photovoltaic Glass + PVB-Film + 4 mm Tempered Glass
.Gust and impact resistant, will not falling free even cracked.
High-performance Thermal-insulation .Summer: can keep out 95% heat and light from outside.
.Winter: can effectively prevent indoor thermal radiation from leaking to outside.
Long-term Stable Electricity Generation .Photovoltaic panel can effectively convert sunlight into power.
.Above 90% conversion efficiency in 10 years is guaranteed.
.Above 80% conversion efficiency in 25 years is guaranteed.
Our building materials are highly designable. .Custom-tailored Transmittance
.Custom-tailored Photovoltaic Designs
.Custom-tailored Photovoltaic Colors


Solar Bus Stop Shelter Solar Curtain Wall(View from Outside) Solar Canopy
Color Solar Curtain Solar Curtain Wall(View from Inside) Solar Paver


Service Center, Hualien Branch, Taiwan Power Company( Public Art—Dawning in Hualien) Service Center, Hualien Branch, Taiwan Power Company( Public Art—Dawning in Hualien) Color Solar Curtain Wall
Xin-yi Elementary School, Yunlin County