Structure Glass System

Structure glass system is widely used in many parts of a modern building, such as wall, canopy, roof and compartments. Even some landmarks and company sign makers are built by structure glass system.

To pursue the highest transparency and make a building naturally stand in Nature, Peter Rice, an Irish structural engineer, built the first structure glass building in the world at La Villette Park in Paris, France, in the 1990’s. Structure glass not only satisfies architects’ artistic imagination but also shortens the distance between human beings and Nature.

Due to its variability, the structure glass can meet the needs of a wide range of design. It can be used in a very simple design and it can be modified to fit in an extremely complicated structure as well. Structure glass system ranges from simple steel column to complex steel bar and steel cable system and can fulfill every designer’s various concepts.

Gate of Taipei Dihua Overhanging Riverview Veranda Touqianzhuang Station, MRT Xinzhuang Line
Fuzhong Pedestrian Bridge, New Taipei City Gold Museum, New Taipei City Jiaosi Transfer Station
Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa Zhaoping Station, Alishan Forest Railway Xiangshan Station, TRA
Bainian Building, National Chengchi University Dayeh University Bread of Life Christian Church in Jungli
National Chengchi University Fuxing Elementary School Arima Neihu Industrial Office Building
Hai-hua Star Apartment Building Ren’ai District Office, Keelung City SCI Pharmtech, Inc. Office Building
Liugongjun Irrigation System Fanghe Junior High School & Tamsui Elementary School  

Aluminum Alloy Spider Fittings

The success of structure glass system depends overwhelmingly upon the hardware fittings. Not to repeat the failure of ordinary stainless steel which often rusts, we have referred to German experience to successfully develop a beautiful and strong aluminum alloy fitting. With the excellent material quality of 6061 and T6 temper treatment, we can assure you that our products always take the lead in giving your construction best quality and beauty.

  Other Brands Our Products
Rust Yes No
Density Fy=2000 kg/cm2 Fy=2500 kg/cm2(equivalent to A36 grade)
Waterproof No Pressure Difference=2000 Pa(200kgf/m2)
Air Tightness No Pressure Difference=1500 Pa(150kgf/m2)
Air Leakage Rate<0.392 m3(hr.m2)
Mock-up Testing No Approved by Mock-up Laboratory, Architecture and Building Institute, Ministry of Interior, Taiwan


Glass Handrail