Membrane Ceiling

The flexibility and transparency are the major reasons why designers love to use membrane ceiling. It’s beautiful, sleek and swift shape can easily transform any 2D object into a vivid 3D image.

Range of Applications:

1. Building: Hospital, Airport, Hotel, Department Store
2. Recreational Facilities: Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Game Center, Sauna Club
3. Private Space: Suite, Computer Room, Bedroom, Bathroom

Global Mall-Banqiao Kaohsiung International Airport Mega City Banqiao Store
Bank of Panhsin Audi Car Showroom Mercedes-Benz Car Showroom in Tainan City
Nike Kaohsiung Store National United University Library Display Wall (Digital Printing) inside Investigation Bureau at Xiandian Dist., New Taipei City
Bade Dist. Library, Taoyuan City Store at Xiandian Dist., New Taipei City Conference Room of Investigation Bureau
Stores in Taichung City MK Night Club Far Eastern International Bank- Banqiao Branch
Membrane Advertising Light Boxes Showrooms at Neihu Dist., Taipei City