Wisdom Structural Inspection System(WSIS)
Wisdom Structural Inspection System(WSIS)
The only system in the world that can integrate door security, earthquake warning and building structure evaluation into one super intelligent home security solution.
Wisdom Structural Inspection System   ●Door Security
●Earthquake Warning
●Building Structure Evaluation
Most damages inflicted upon the building are caused by aftershocks or succeeding earthquakes. Even worse, the interior decorations usually conceal these damages and render the inhabitants in danger.
The three-in-one Wisdom Structural Inspection System (WSIS) can prevent this kind of thing from happening.
WS01:Professional Type -->  Building Structure Evaluation
Through professional technical development, we can do the algorithmic realization of system and provide the real-time security information.
WS02:Advanced Type -->  Building Structure Evaluation +  Door Security
Alongside the instant monitoring, the door security system will provide you an integrated security shield.
WS03:Three-in-One Type -->  Building Structure Evaluation +  Door Security +  Earthquake Warning
The omnipresent monitoring function can enhance the early-warning capability and equip the user with an intelligent home safety solution.